The founder of the church was born on the 19th of September, 1976, at Asuofia, but he stayed with his family at Bohyen in Kumasi; he stated his elementary school at MIM in the B/A Region and went through Tweneamanfo S.H.S and during his days in secondary school he felt the of God, but since he was born into a catholic home, what he could only do was to start evangelism and a personal prayers on the school field and he also joined his sister’s church called Jesus is Alive ministry at new suame. With the little he had, he enrolled himself in a school of the word at Patasi. When he completed the school of the word, he had to continue with his evangelism and normal prayers on the school field. He then went to Christian Service University to attained certificate of biblical studies.


On one of the days, as he was praying on the school field, he saw a woman and her husband with their dying child lying on their arms whilst they screamed for help. Then Pastor Solomon, rushed to where they were, took the child from them and prayed and within some minutes the child was healed, the couple felt very thankful and started visiting him daily wanting to know more about him, they then ask to pray for their sick mother and within three days of prayers the woman was healed and there they suggested a daily with him. Through this the Active was formed 17th of December, 2000. Because they saw and felt the anointing that was within Pastor Solomon, they charged him to start a Sunday service with them. He didn’t just start but prayed and had the confirmation from God, so he stated a Sunday service with a woman and her family. And there the church was called Active Believers. So he and his members decided to find a classroom at Atasomanso Roman Catholic school to continue to keep the ministry strong, but after their 3 weeks stay at the school, the catholic priest complain that they were  making a lot of noise and so he sacked them from the school. So it at that same time that he of his then (new members) gave them an uncompleted building to move the ministry there. Then the owner of the house came and pushed them out of his house, because the member of the church was just a caretaker, he couldn’t do anything about it. Still Pastor Solomon, who never gives up despite everything found another place at Anyinam. One of the private school there, but he saw in his dream that one of the members has been knocked down by a car. And early morning that day, woman from the church complained that she scared of the busy road they had to pass every day to the church so she suggested they move to Fankyenebra School. Pastor Solomon heard the voice of God that he should listen to what the woman had suggested.


Though things were really difficult, he who never gives up, Pastor Solomon struggle to get one of the classroom at Fankyenebra M/A School and there again, the church Active Believers was moved to. After seven(7) to eight(8) months stay over there, he and some elders decided to set a date for harvest, so they could but a piece of land to build the Active Believers Church. That was their first harvest which took place on the 4th of November 2001. And an amount of 800,000 the currency, now GH¢80.00 was gain after the harvest. This amount of money was given to one of the church elders who was the church treasure to keep.


But after some days Pastor Solomon met the church treasure who gave him a letter, not knowing it was a resignation letter, so he took the church money which was then 800.000 away which made some of the members furious and some even stopped coming to the church. This tragedy pushed Pastor Solomon to conduct a fasting and prayers session at Atwea with remaining members after a day God spoke to him again to go back with his members and watch what He the Lord was about to do. After two days on their return, God connected him to a woman who was facing challenges in life. And Bishop prayed for her there was a breakthrough and the next day he met the lady’s husband in the person of Yaw Aboagye Poku whom after their interruption was touched to help Pastor Solomon. He gave him an amount of 800.00 and 200 dollars to purchase a land for building of the church.


As a determined pastor who was willing to move forward, he searched for a piece of land till he found one at Atasomanso and there, he and the church members gather the little they had to put a structure, then he named the church(Active Believers Worship Center). There too, after some years, the neighbors stared complaining and fighting him and the members that they were disturbing with their instruments. At that same time, God had promised him a land at different place to rebuild the church. Considering the tough situations and problems he was encountering from the neighbours, he decided to look for the land God had promised him. Because after 3 years of God’s promise, the place wasn’t made known to him. So he brought a land to build the church on at a different place. But later had to retrieve the money because the land belong to someone else. Then after healing a sick woman through God’s direction, she asked Pastor Solomon to buy a land which she owned. On seeing the land, he was so disappointed because it was a rejected land, a waste land, a land that on one would even receive as a gift. But God pushed him to build the church there. So the land was bought on the 3rd of February, 2009 and the build of the church continued from there.


Though troubles came his misunderstanding between pastor and members, betrayals, obstacles and attacks both spiritual and physical, he (Pastor Solomon Osei Sarpong Kumankuma) who by the anointing, mercy and favour of God was ordained and is know His Grace Bishop. Dr. Solomon Osei Sarpong Kumankuma He who never gives up kept on building the church since February 3rd 2009 to this day of the church dedication, 3rd February 2018, that is exactly 9 years of hard work with willing and supportive church elders and members Not forgetting the mother of the Church Mrs. Osei Sarpong Priscilla from whom Good had blessed Bishop with four kids three boys and a girl.