Active rescue foundation is non- governmental organization. We are God’s people which we help people who are in need of everything. We also have compassion for God’s work, and also rescue the perishing and care for the dying.                       Active rescue foundation we have free Bible College, which we attempt to develop courses and programmes that are dynamic and respond to changing life and societal circumstances. Active rescue foundation develop a strong culture of learning as opposed to simply being institution. This foundation have compassion and characteristics for those who are orphan and widows, we take care of them, their schools what they wear and what they eat. We are doing all these goodness not for people to see our goodness but we are doing to fulfill the scriptures and also for the Kingdom of God. Because Jesus is our foundation of faith and everything (James 1:27).

Active rescue foundation, the Holy Spirit is our unique that enables us to live the Christian life. In addition, this foundation, prayer and fasting is amazing opportunity to us that helps us to connect with God at any time and bring him into the center of our lives. the foundation also have strong evangelical team, which we go for evangelism, house to house to look for those who are lost and who doesn’t know Jesus Christ.


Active rescue foundation, Jesus is our foundation of our faith and our everlasting. We have a strong prayer tower, which we intercede for our nation Ghana and God’s Pastors and those who are perishing and those who have exchange by the devil. Our belief is the Bible and weapon we use to do everything. Active rescue foundation our hands are also open for everybody who wanted to serve God and serve him well. We care for the lost souls and the perishing. Active rescue foundation also sponsor people to secondary school, J.H.S, training colleges, Nursing etc. we do this for those who arehelpless in life.